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Casper Bryant (He/Him) is a story-teller by nature and parent/teacher/artist/actor by choice. Based in Los Angeles, CA Casper usually spends his time face painting or creating chalk art/murals for children (Often with Wisdom Arts Laboratory), wrangling cats, crafting middle-grade and picture books or spending time with his family. Casper is also currently performing with Happy To Be Here in a shadow cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

As a trans member of LGBTQIA+ and mental health advocate, Casper wants to live in a world where all children have access to stories that breathe truth into their hearts and help them feel more accepted for who they are. If you are a ghost seeker, history lover, or like spicy things on pizza, then pass the jalapeños and stay to connect! 

You can find Casper on Twitter, Casper_S_Bryant on Instagram, Casper_Bryant, and Casper Bryant on Facebook.

He is represented by Ann Rose of Tobias Literary Agency ann@thetobiasliteraryagency

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A few of my favorite things...

  • Trains

  • Walks in cemeteries

  • Haunted Ships (Queen Mary anyone?)

  • Freezing, breezing, snowing, blowing weather

  • Cats, bats, rats... and just about anything with fur

  • Stuffed animals.... I have quite the collection but no taxidermies please

  • All things Oz (I grew up with the original stories from Baum, adore the movie Return to Oz in all its creepy glory and have a fair amount of interesting Oz knowledge up my sleeve)

  • Tattoos! I have 26 +? so far, and each one is connected to precious people/animals in my life; shown through story/comic book characters

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My most recent tattoo is in honor of Betty White, friendship, and of course, The Golden Girls! The episode 'Old Friends' in Season 3, is iconic. Mike Denison, the artist behind the work, gave me his personal thumbs up to have this ink done (he's the amazing guy behind #BeaADay). My awesome friend and tattoo artist, Lantz Huston, over at ShoeBox Tattoo, brought it to life. He has done all of my tats but the first 2, and that's only because I didn't know him yet. He also helped reconstruct the look of my chest after two botched top surgeries, so if you're looking for a LGBTQIA+ friendly place to go for some ink, hit the 'Learn More' tab below!

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